What to expect at your pediatric eye exam


The pediatric eye exam is different from an adult eye exam. Our office is designed for children, and all of our doctors use a gentle, caring approach when examining your child.


Expect that your initial visit with Dr. Vasamsetti will be about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Your child will most likely receive dilating eye drops which allow Dr. Vasamsetti to most accurately determine your child's need for glasses. These drops take approximately 30 minutes to fully dilate the pupils.


Dilated pupils can make patients more sensitive to sunlight. Our office will give each patient sunglasses if you do not bring your own.


Dilated pupils can also make vision blurry up close. This will last approximately 6 - 8 hours following the visit.


Dr. Vasamsetti determines your child's prescription using retinoscopy. This involves using a light to determine the prescription power. It does not require a verbal response from patients, and it is an effective tool for preverbal and nonverbal patients.


What to bring to your pediatric eye exam


Please bring the new patient forms with you. This will expedite your check in process.


Current eyeglasses or CL box


Any eye medications that are being used


Due to the longer nature of the visit, it is helpful to bring snacks and/or favorite toys.


Because the visits often require patient and sometimes parent interaction, it is encouraged to leave siblings at home if possible.


It is helpful to bring pictures of your child's eyes if you notice crossed eyes at home.

As a courtesy to other patients, please notify us of cancellations or need to reschedule at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

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