Dry eye

Dry eyes are a very common problem that affects many of us in various age groups.  Younger people wearing contact lens need a higher level of lubrication in order to comfortably wear their contacts.  We all have a decrease in our tear  production as time goes on.


In addition, we live and work in environments that have a humidity that is less than optimal for the comfort of our eye surfaces.  Because of all these reasons, it is very often necessary for people to receive treatments for dry eyes.


These treatments can range from the use of artificial lubricating drops, to more sophisticated complex treatments that might involve the utilization of special medications that cause us to produce more tears.  Surgical procedures that reposition the eyelids and office procedures where plugs are placed in the puncta (or the opening of the tear drainage ducts) are sometimes needed.


Our doctors are well versed in diagnosing and treating dry eye problems and can help you deal with this common but sometimes very difficult condition.

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